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Furniture & Flooring Sourcing for Tenants

If you have a room or home to furnish, we'll support the whole task, from larger items to home accessories and all types of floor coverings - any style, any budget.

Our traditional and modern contract furniture is stylish and hard-wearing. So whatever type of property you're looking to furnish, you'll have a quality solution at the BEST possible price.

Do you need to furnish your new property?

Not everyone has furniture when they first move in and it is common to have new tenants need some furniture to be in their new property until they can get on their feet and purchase more.

We can help those tenants who are just getting on their feet and need the basic necessities for their new home. This may be tables, chairs, beds or sofas. Whatever you are looking for we can find it for you.

We can source a mix of styles, from lavish and contemporary designs to some eye-catching essentials.

With our wide selection you're free to

  • Mix and match
  • Hire furniture short or long term
  • Window coverings
  • Flooring

You tell us about your furniture or floor covering requirements and we'll do the rest. Give us a call at 07974 397115 and tell us what you need.