What the increase in interest rates will mean for your property.

At the beginning of November, the Bank of England raised interest rates for the first time in over a decade, leaving many homeowners across the UK confused and a little worried. This new interest rate of 0.5% means that the existing rate has doubled and has created a lot of worry when it comes to mo...

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Tenants: Tenants top tips for renting right.

Renting couldn't be easier for our tenants, so we have put some top tips together to help you find the perfect poppy property. Talk to the team. The most helpful person to talk to when looking to find a rental property is our expert team. Just tell them about all your re...

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Landlords: Buy-to-let the right property

It can seem daunting knowing that you are looking to find a brand new property to invest in. It isn't just as simple as finding a nice house or flat then leasing it out to a willing tenant, but don't worry the Poppy experts are here to help. Whatever property you decide on does not have ...

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Property: Brighten up your home this summer.

Make your house a home this summer, follow these style guidelines and you can't go wrong. Everyone has their own style and we want to celebrate that by exploring the emerging trends for your home in 2017. Make A Splash & Go TropicalThis summer is all about escapism. Create the perfect tr...

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