Property: Brighten up your home this summer.

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Property: Brighten up your home this summer.

Make your house a home this summer, follow these style guidelines and you can't go wrong. Everyone has their own style and we want to celebrate that by exploring the emerging trends for your home in 2017.

Make A Splash & Go Tropical
This summer is all about escapism. Create the perfect tropical getaway inside your home with the help of all things bright and breezy. Take it back to the raw materials such as bamboo or wicker, adding a chair or ornament that made of these materials can help transform your home.

Find some furnishings that have palm leaves or lattice prints, it doesn't matter if your patterns clash, the more going on the better. A stick of Bamboo in a patterned glass vase or a potted leafy green plant in the corner of the room or on a windowsill. Summer is all about being fresh and bright, inject that energy into your home and feel revitalised.

Exposed Features
We love a little bit of exposed brickwork in your main living areas. Untreated or unvarshied don't worry it all adds the rustic feel of the room. Matching your exposed brickwork with some light cream sofas and bright artwork on the wall with scream post-modernism.

Can't take the summer heat? Open exposed sky lights are the perfect way to lighten up your space. If you are lucky enough to live in an old industrial unit with genuine pipeworks and steel beams leave them exposed. This will give your space the 'unfinished' look that many interior designers crave.

Go Geometric or Go Home

Not keen on the tropical or exposed features interior design ideas? Geometric design is surely the one for you. Inspiration comes from 70s geometric style designs like the honeycomb pattern are massive this summer. Throwing some geometric patterned cushions on your sofa with inject colour and style into any bedroom or living room this summer.

It doesn't stop with patterns either, geometric metals like bronze and rose gold patterns add a touch of luxury to your home this year. These warm metal colours remind us of the sun and bring the outside, inside this summer. Mix your metals and your patterns throughout your home and we are sure you will feel summery.

So there you have our top tips for transforming your home this summer. If you are thinking about changing your home this summer or becoming a landlord, our experts can help. We want to help your property dreams come true this summer. Give us a call on 01482 324010 or email for more information.

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